Currently 40 individuals are employed at ABL. Over 80% of our staff has a BSc degree or higher (of which 5 PhD). About 60% of our staff is working hands on in the laboratory. The executive board exists of two members, a Technical Director and a Operational Director. We have a project management department consisting of five experienced and well educated study directors. Other staff members are active in finances, IT and secretarial functions.

Ep Oosting, MSc, Pharmacist
ep Technical Director
Karel de Jonge, MSc, MBA
karel Operational Director
Mark Boterman, PhD
mark Manager Laboratories
Freddy Oostebring, BSc
freddy Deputy Manager Laboratories
Melloney Dröge, PhD, Pharmacist
melloney Senior Study Director
Theo de Boer, PhD
no-image-available Senior Study Director
Maarten van der Meijden, PhD
no-image-available Study Director
Tjitske Oenema, PhD
no-image-available Study Director
Foka Venema, MSc
foka Study Director
Elena Mallat, PhD
no-image-available Study Director
Henri Meijering
no-image-available Study Director
Frans Brouwer
no-image-available Manager Quality Assurance